Advantages & Disadvantages of AI in Recruitment & HR

Advantages & Disadvantages of AI in Recruitment & HR (Blog Banner)


As we all know, AI has taken over many aspects of our lives in the last 2 years, making its debut to be one of the most up to date and desired technologies on the market, it promises to make drawn out tasks easier, more efficient and ultimately cut down the need for human skill and labour.

Today we will be discussing AI in recruitment and HR, the benefits and the drawbacks, and, our companies view on using AI.


Advantages & Disadvantages of AI in Recruitment & HR (A)

Talent & AI:

First thing, and most importantly is Talent & AI.

In my opinion, AI has no place in sourcing or screening potential talent, as there is no much more than generics that go into deciding if someone is a right fit for your team or for a clients role.

Can AI help with the initial process?

Probably! Do I want to trust a robot to create a defined shortlist of specialised candidates for me?

No, because the likelihood is, I will have to re-do it myself. You see, you can tell an AI bot I am looking for XYZ, but what AI cannot do, is look at how long someone has stayed at each job, pick up grammatical errors on a resume, or tell if candidates have contributed to research papers during their studies.

AI can give you the black and white, but the human eye can give you the colourful aspect of people and their resumes. AI probably has a place in writing job adverts, scheduling job posts and that sort of thing. But for resume & candidate screening it’s a no from me.


Interview & AI:


Many times I have heard, our plan is to have an AI avatar conduct our interviews, or we are going to use an AI phone screening service.

Advantages & Disadvantages of AI in Recruitment & HR (B)

Firstly, If I ever applied to a job and I was interviewed or called by a robot I would put the phone down immediately or end the interview.

Humans do not want to be interviewed by robots, they want to have real conversations with real people about real jobs at real companies who are supposed to give a damn about their work-life balance and wellbeing.

Personal Best will NEVER use an AI avatar or AI automated phone system to make screening calls or zoom interviews.

We care about our people, the people who work for us, the clients that entrust us to their truster recruitment partner and the candidates that trust us to conduct fair, unbiased and honest interviews with them!

How can a client get a good idea of a candidates viability if an AI is unable to notice hand gestures, facial expressions, pauses and eye contact?


Admin & AI:

Whilst I believe that all aspects of recruitment and HR need to be 100% human, I can understand where AI could fit in with regards to filing, using AI within an ATS system to pull essential sata and details and to put together data for reporting purposes.

But I think AI should be a back-end tool, not a front-end robot to replace real people.



AI is changing the way we work, but companies must use it responsibly, taking into account the needs of its clients, candidates and employees, Company image is very important, and having a human reputation will bring more clients and revenue than an AI ever can.
Choose Personal best worldwide for your recruitment, HR consulting and executive search needs, we are human, we are here, and we are ready to help you build your dream team!

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