How Recruitment Companies add Value to your Business

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Many businesses across the UK & USA, in various sectors, chose to use recruiters for their recruiting needs. Sometimes these businesses have in-house recruitment teams, and sometimes they don’t. For many companies, recruitment is a key element of business continuity and growth, without fresh, new talent coming into the company, the business cannot innovate, grow, or remain competitive in their market.


Some may ask, how do recruitment consultants/companies add value to businesses?

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Well, the answer is pretty simple, for a fee, the recruitment company will consult with the business, understand their goals, align on key metrics and success factors, and then find them the person that truly aligns with their business, whether that is through active job advertising, marketing or executive search functions and headhunting.

The reason why this brings value to the business is because they are trusting a professional to find the right fit, who aligns with business growth, and usually, when a recruitment company works on a role for a business, the type of candidate they find can become effective in the role very quickly, providing a return on investment for the company.


Recruitment fees:

Recruitment fees

Many companies pay very high fees for recruitment in their businesses, good recruiters, who have placed high-profile candidates with large corporate companies often charge up to 30% of the role’s annual salary as their fee, which can equate to a substantial amount when using recruiters to fill executive positions, however, at Personal Best Worldwide, we keep our fees flat, transparent and low, even for executive positions!

Our fees often come to less than 10% of the annual salary for the role and, before you think we haven’t, we have worked on some very high-profile roles for the Government in NYC and other states. We never sacrifice quality when recruiting, even at our fantastic prices.

Other perks of using a recruitment company:

Most recruitment companies, talent acquisition specialists, and executive search providers give their clients much more than just recruitment. I often find our recruitment company is very heavily involved not just with recruitment, but also with consulting, including HR consulting, Business Consulting, Continuity consulting, and much more. Recruitment and HR go hand in hand with all other business functions and honestly, businesses cannot function correctly without HR and Recruitment.

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Personal Best Worldwide not only offers fantastic recruiting services within the construction industry, IT & Tech industry, Finance Industry, Business services industry, and Healthcare Industry, but we also offer HR consulting, resource planning, HR framework development, contracts, and much more.

In addition, all our clients get access to our tech-forward client portal, allowing them to pay invoices online, view invoices, keep track of their projects, keep their candidates in one place, review online interviews and resumes, ask questions and get access to instant chat support as well as book online meetings with us at their convenience.

Personal Best Worldwide is dedicated to providing our clients with a 1st class service from inception to hire, we back up our hires with a free 90-day replacement guarantee. So, if you need to make a hire and don’t know where to start, get in touch with us today, you can book a FREE 30-minute, no-obligation consultation on our website now! 

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