Are recruiters relevant to your business?

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Introduction – Recruitment & Relevance

Today I’ll be writing about the relevance of recruiters in the global hiring space why they are helpful, and also, why sometimes they’re unhelpful (and even annoying). Recruitment and your needs, there are various types of recruiters, from recruitment agencies that offer temporary staffing, to executive search firms that place highly paid executives into companies, mediocre candidate sourcing companies, and also talent acquisition firms. 

So who are they relevant to? And why?

Industry Specific – What are your industry needs?

In my opinion, there are industries where recruitment companies, specifically temporary staffing agencies are relevant and priceless. for example, you’re a haulage company, and at 3 am you have a run across the UK or USA, and the driver calls in sick, what do you do? Recruitment and your needs. I mean the load cannot stay there it has to be moved, in that instance a lot of companies would call on a temp staffing agency to help them fill their needs. It isn’t something an HR department can do for you, no matter how good they are. They cannot magic a spare staff member from thin air (unless they’re the genie from Aladdin) 

But what about companies who need to hire staff to fill permanent roles. They have an HR department already, and they still use recruitment companies, candidate sourcing companies, and executive search firms, why? In my opinion, a good HR department should consist of an HRBP, HR Admin, Payroll team, and a recruiter or recruitment department, especially if the company is large or corporate. I mean there is no reason why they should be using external recruiters right? Wrong! There are MANY large and corporate businesses who have both internal and external recruiters. 

Internal vs External – what are the benefits?

A company’s internal recruiters have an advantage. They know the company, they know the culture, and they know what they want. But oftentimes internal staff members interview to find themselves or a version of themselves or their team members, and this does not always work out well

An independent recruiter is going to place the best and most qualified person for the job. And, it doesn’t matter about their eye color or what shirt/dress they’re wearing to the interview. This is the main reason why large companies will use recruitment companies, candidate sourcing companies, and talent acquisition companies to do their hiring for certain roles, even if they have an internal team.

Recruitment and Your Needs

The Cost – Recruitment can be costly

All hiring comes with a cost attached, whether you are hiring with an internal HR team. Or using an executive search firm or recruitment company, you’re going to incur a cost.

Whether it’s indeed bills, ATS costs, or salary outgoings. It costs, so what can you do to lower those outgoings and make your recruitment effort more productive and less costly? 

The first thing you can do is check out Personal Best Worldwide services. Recruitment and your needs, we offer high-quality, low-cost recruitment solutions for all businesses. Whether you’re a start-up, corporate, or mid-sized company we can help with the whole process. And no, we don’t charge the earth! Personal Best Worldwide take care of the outgoings, indeed bills, etc, and, if you don’t want to hire an HR department, that’s fine. We can do everything HR-related for you, even run your payroll! 

We take care of recruitment in all sectors(recruitment and your needs), and HR for all businesses. Whether you are looking for Tech Recruitment, Administrative recruitment, Finance recruitment, or Construction recruitment, we do it all! 

We work with various industries including; Tech and development, construction, business and general services, legal, finance, horticulture, real estate, estate agencies, professional services, Engineering and development, healthcare, and many more! 

If you’re looking for; healthcare recruitment, tech recruitment, IT recruitment, Construction recruitment, legal recruitment, professional recruitment, or any other recruitment services, get in touch via our website! 

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