We are glad you’re here, we will delve into our range of budget-friendly and customizable recruitment, HR consulting and Sourcing and Screening services, our processes and how we work with you to get the results your business needs.

We offer various services, including candidate sourcing and screening only, candidate sourcing, screening and interviews, full cycle guaranteed hires/permanent placement, HR consulting services and much more! Our services are customizable, and we can work with your needs to build a package that works for your business and your budget. Many of our clients enjoy the fact they can customize their services and only pay for the services they need.

No Sneaky Contracts

At Personal Best, we don’t believe in tying our clients into complex contracts or retainers, many of our clients enjoy the fact they can come to us when needed, and they only pay for results. We offer simple and straight-forward terms of business, no contracts, and no retainers, if we don’t find your ideal fit, your deposit is refunded in full. We don’t believe in hidden fees, percentage fees or anything that isn’t transparent. Our aim is to make your next hire easy, affordable and transparent.
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Guaranteed Hire & Permanent Placement

Our guaranteed hires are designed to ensure that your business gets the right member joining their team, not only do we take care of the full cycle of the recruitment, screening, interview, background checking and reference checking process, we also provide a 90-day successful hire guarantee. If your new team member leaves or is deemed unsuitable for the role within the first 90-days, we will provide a free of charge replacement.

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Human Resources Consulting & Framework

At Personal Best, we have over 17 years of experience in HR, making us your ideal choice for a HR consulting firm. We have worked with various clients across the UK and USA to advise them on HR best practice, assist with building internal processes and frameworks and ensure they are legally and morally compliant when dealing with staff members. We take pride in protecting your business, and helping you tick every box, cover every base and ensure you are working competently when hiring, firing or interviewing for new roles.

We provide various consulting services in this sector, from training hiring managers to recruit better, interview well and understand discrimination laws, to assisting with building internal frameworks such as on-boarding documents and check-lists, absence and sickness policies, developing standard operating procedures and much more!

Our services are provided on an as needed basis, we do not take retainers from our clients, or tie them into contracts. You can come to us when you need help and keep us in the background when you don’t. We are completely flexible to your needs and are happy to pick-up with our clients as and when they need. We offer a free of charge 30-minute HR consultation to our new clients to establish your needs and how we can help. We never pressure our clients to move forward and advise you on the right path to take for your business success. If you are looking for a HR Consultant near you, we are the people to call.

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HR consulting and Sourcing | Recruitment and Screening Services
HR consulting and Sourcing | HR consulting and Sourcing | Recruitment and Screening Serviceses

Sourcing & Screening Packages

At Personal Best, we understand that you may not need help with the entire process of recruitment, sometimes you need assistance with getting candidates to apply for your role, or you need assistance with screening them, sometimes it’s a mixture of both, and sometimes you aren’t sure if you want to hire for a role, and just want to see what talent is available, in that case, our standard Sourcing & Screening packages are here to assist.

These packages are designed to be budget friendly, cover your advertising costs, and give you access to the biggest job platforms in the world. Through our powerful spotlight as a high spender with the 3 largest job boards, clients who use our advertising services enjoy a much higher application rate than they do when advertising independently. Whilst our sourcing and screening packages do not guarantee a hire, they are designed to take the weight off your shoulders for the first part of the recruitment lifecycle.

Candidate Sourcing

Designed to help you the get the highest application rate, and provide a manual review of incoming applicants, this package does not guarantee a hire and is designed to get you the candidates you need. Your team then arranges interviews with candidates. This package is designed to source candidates only.

Candidate Sourcing & Phone Interviews

This package is designed to help you identify great candidates for your open role, advertising is included on the largest platforms, but we also carefully screen and select the top 4 candidates for you, and conduct a phone interview with them, providing you a written report on each candidate along with their resume. Whilst this package does not guarantee a hire, it does help you to not only obtain great applicants, it ensures they are aware of your role and gives our professional recruitment team a chance to speak to them and make an assessment of their suitability for the role.

Candidate Sourcing, Resume Review & Recorded Zoom Interviews

Our most comprehensive and inclusive basic package, which still works within your budget! This gold-standard package is cheap and cheerful and helps you to have over 50% of the recruitment process completed for you. Including all of your advertising, manual resume review, shortlisting, and recorded zoom interview with written reports, you will see 4 high value candidates and gain insight into their aspirations, skills, abilities, and personality type.

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Creating a recipe for success is easy when you work together! With our robust client consultation process, our extensive industry experience, and our ability to listen and collaborate, we think it’s a perfect recipe for success! Contact us today for your no obligation free of charge consultation!

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From start to finish, we are here to guide and advise you. Our recruitment process is simple & effective. Delve a little deeper into how we do what we do below.

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Using the worlds largest job boards for over 10 years has yielded a strong relationship between our company and them. We have access to premium spotlight listings on the world’s largest platforms such as Indeed, LinkedIn and Zip-Recruiter, ensuring your job gets seen FIRST! We are seasoned head-hunters, if you’re looking for a specific person or set of skills, or someone who has worked for a competitor, we can find them! We use our expertise to find you the right hire, at the right time and at the right price. Providing 90 day hire guarantees is what makes us different, along with the fact we don’t charge high percentage fees.

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HR Consulting

The very best companies need a strategic HR solution, at Personal Best Worldwide we provide complete consultation solutions for your business, whether you have a small team, large team or medium sized team, we can offer HR solutions to ensure a happy workforce and a team who feel rewarded for their hard work. There are many factors that make up a great HR strategy, contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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Ensuring compliance in your recruitment efforts is a complex and sometimes daunting road to follow. All our permanent placement options come with complimentary compliance handling and advice. From background checking to reference checking, to obtaining right to work documents, we are here to navigate that process for you and ensure that you are always complying with local and national labor laws.

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Our hire guarantee gives you peace of mind that your investment is secure, we provide a 90-day guarantee on all placement arrangement hires. If the candidate leaves the company or is deemed unsuitable within the first 90 days, we will replace them at no charge to you.

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If you have multiple roles to fill, don’t worry, we have the capacity to work various roles simultaneously! We also offer various discounts to repeat clients and clients who have multiple roles they need assistance with!

Talent Acquisition

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