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LANDING YOUR DREAM JOB – eBook by Georgia Forde

– Are you applying for international jobs? Have you found that you do not get passed the first round of interviews or even the application stage? If this sounds like you.. then keep reading.
Georgia Forde – The author, is a HR & Recruitment specialist with over 17 years of experience with large UK & USA based companies and she knows a thing or 2! After recruiting on a global scale for years, she noticed that personnel from other countries tend to not have the resources or knowledge on how to properly look for, prepare for or conduct effective interviews. Purchasing our low-cost eBook – Landing your dream job will help equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to land that big opportunity. The eBook covers various topics, from where to find remote and in-person roles, to how to complete effective application forms, conduct proper company research, practice active listening and gives real examples of questions you may be asked, along with how to formulate answers. Our eBook does not just tell you what to do, it helps you to invest in your future, prepare for greatness, achieve everything you want in your career and ultimately LAND YOUR DREAM JOB

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Landing your dream job eBook by Georgia Forde

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Our eBook is designed to help you identify your passions, your dreams and what you want to achieve in your career. We cover various topics, include step by step guides, provide real life examples and insight into the world of job hunting and interviewing.

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About the Author

Georgia Forde

A Human Resources and Recruitment specialist with over 17 years of global recruitment experience brings to life your personal guide on making your dreams come true. With a passion for international work and hiring, she wants to provide international candidates the same knowledge and resources as everyone else, to give you the best chance of landing your dream job.

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